CPF Generator

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Use this tool to generate a valid random CPF number.

The alghorythm used to generate the CPF code is the same that guarantees basic authentication on website forms, as it merely follows a given pattern. Generated CPF's are possibly not even real and shouldn't be used on attempt of any illegal activity.

What is a CPF?

In Brazil, CPF stands for "Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas," which translates to "Individual Taxpayer Registry." It is a unique identification number assigned to Brazilian citizens and residents for tax and administrative purposes. The CPF serves as a form of personal identification and is required for various official transactions in Brazil.

Generation and Validation of CPF

The CPF validation algorithm in Brazil, also known as the Module 11 algorithm, is used to verify the accuracy and validity of a CPF number. The algorithm checks the digits of the CPF against a specific calculation to ensure that the number is correctly formatted and mathematically valid.

If the calculated verification digits do not match the original CPF number, it indicates that the CPF is invalid or has been entered incorrectly.

The Module 11 algorithm helps detect many common typing errors or incorrect CPF numbers. However, it does not guarantee the actual existence or accuracy of the individual associated with the CPF number.

Using this tool

While generating random valid CPF numbers for personal use or to impersonate someone is illegal and unethical, there are a few scenarios where having a set of randomly generated valid CPF numbers can be useful:

  1. Testing and Development: If you are developing software or systems that require CPF validation and processing, having a set of random valid CPF numbers can be helpful for testing the accuracy and functionality of your code. It allows you to simulate different CPF scenarios and ensure your application handles CPF data correctly.
  2. Data Validation and Formatting: In data processing or data management tasks, you may need to validate or format CPF numbers in a large dataset. Random valid CPF numbers can serve as a sample dataset for testing your data validation or formatting procedures.
  3. Educational Purposes: Random valid CPF numbers can be useful for educational purposes, such as teaching or learning about CPF number formats, validation algorithms, or data handling practices. They can be used to demonstrate how CPF numbers are structured and to illustrate the importance of accurate data entry and validation.
  4. Database Population: If you need to populate a database with sample data for demonstration, testing, or training purposes, having a set of random valid CPF numbers can help create realistic records that mimic real-world scenarios. This can be useful in educational environments, workshops, or training sessions.

It's essential to remember that the generated valid CPF numbers should be used responsibly and in contexts that comply with legal and ethical guidelines. They should not be used for any fraudulent or illegal activities.